Why is FLUency ending?


After a wonderful run with the FLUency program, we made the difficult decision to end the program.  In an effort to be completely transparent, we'd like to share the reasons that led us to this decision.

Funding, like with so many things, was the main reason we were unable to continue the FLUency program. We were unable to secure sponsors, like Lysol, who funded FLUency for many years.  Without sponsors, Kinsa is unable to continue running the program at no cost to participants. We realize that most schools are already underfunded and stretching resources to provide essential services, we felt uncomfortable asking schools to dip into their budgets to help fund the program.  It goes without saying that we are grateful to Lysol for their sponsorship of FLUency for so many years.  

Second, fewer families have participated in the program post-COVID.  As a result, school health trends have been less representative of what illnesses are truly going around the school. We hold ourselves and this program to a high standard, and would not want to share misleading school or grade-level insights that may have a bearing on health decisions families make. 

Although FLUency is ending, any Kinsa thermometer provided to your school families will still continue to work.  FLUency thermometers work the same as our thermometers sold in stores, so families will continue to be able to enjoy the same experience that any retail customer would have.  Their thermometers will continue to give guidance when used with the free Kinsa app to appropriate care and treatment when someone in their household isn't feeling well.  FLUency families or school staff members, however, will no longer see trends on “what’s going around” in your school in the app or receive an email with those updates. 

Thank you for experiencing FLUency with us -- we are grateful for all of your efforts, feedback, and kindness, and truly appreciate the opportunity to support your school community. We are exceedingly proud of all that we’ve accomplished together.

This is by no means goodbye from Kinsa. This is a “see you soon,” because we are excited to offer you first access to something we’ve been working very hard on -- a solution that requires no effort from you, but plenty of benefits! More to come from us here at the start of the new school year…

Once again, from your entire FLUency & Kinsa team --  thank you. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our team at schools@kinsahealth.com.

Your Kinsa FLUency team