Smart Stick: How to use the Smart Stick on an iPhone with no headphone jack

The iPhone 7 and later models can all be used with the Kinsa Smart Stick, but it's very important to follow the guide below to set it up successfully.

In this guide, you'll see that you need a "Lightning adapter". This is also known as Apple's Lightning-to-Headphone adapter which is available to buy separately here:

Lightning-to-Headphone adapter, $9 from

Good news: This adapter came included for free with older iPhone 7, 8, and X models.

Bad news: This adapter is not included for free with new iPhones anymore. 

If you've upgraded to a new iPhone and don't have this adapter, you'll either need to buy this adapter yourself, or upgrade to our new wireless Kinsa QuickCare thermometer which doesn't need any adapters or wires.

Apple's Lightning Adapter is the only adapter that we recommend using. In our tests, we found that adapters and splitters from other manufacturers prevented the Kinsa Smart Stick from working properly. 

Here's a video guide, with all the individual steps listed underneath.

 How To Setup Your Smart Stick with your iPhone

  1. Turn off the iPhone, and turn it back on again.
  2. Launch the Kinsa Smart Stick app, not the Kinsa app. Get the Smart Stick app here.
  3. Navigate to the “More” menu and select “Add a New Thermometer”
  4. Select “Smart Stick > Set Up Now”
  5. Follow these steps precisely:
    1. Connect the thermometer to the black setup adapter
    2. Connect the black setup adapter to the Lightning adapter
    3. Connect the Lightning adapter (with the black setup adaptor and thermometer connected) to the iPhone
    4. Click the green “Set up Thermometer” button to proceed
  6. Once the video instructions for connecting the thermometer complete hit “Next”
  7. Once the 2nd part of video instructions complete, unplug all the pieces from the phone
  8. Separate the black setup adapter from other pieces (be sure to save it!)
  9. Plug the thermometer into the white Lightning adapter
  10. Plug both pieces back into the phone and press “Next” to complete the setup process

Setup is now complete and you can take your first temperature reading!  

If you’d like to use the extension cord, connect the white extension cord to the white lightning adapter, and connect the thermometer to the other end of the extension cord. Make sure to connect all three pieces together BEFORE connecting them to your iPhone.

If you have any issues with the process, reach out to our Customer Happiness team right away for at