Smart Stick: What is the setup adaptor, and what if it's missing?

The black Kinsa Setup Adapter calibrates the now-discontinued Smart Stick thermometer to each compatible phone’s unique hardware. 

It’s impossible to take readings with the Smart Stick thermometer without using this adapter to set it up. For this reason, a setup adapter is included with every Smart Stick thermometer.

This also means the adapter is needed to set up a Smart Stick thermometer with a new device. For example, after upgrading to a new phone.

During the first-time setup, a video in the Kinsa Smart Stick app showed how to use the adapter to set up the thermometer. After setup, the video recommended putting the adapter back in its compartment - in the underside of the thermometer's case.

Since the adapter is only used for a few seconds during this first-time setup, it’s common to be put back in this compartment and then forgotten. If your adapter is missing, be sure to check this compartment which opens similarly to a battery compartment in a TV remote.

The Kinsa Smart Stick was our very first thermometer model and was discontinued a long time ago. Unfortunately, this means that we have long since run out of stock of replacement adapters.

If your Setup Adapter is truly lost, this sadly means that your Smart Stick thermometer can’t be used with any new devices. In this case, we recommend that you purchase a new wireless Kinsa thermometer, which are compatible with any device which can run the Kinsa app.