Smart Ear: How Can I Use The Smart Ear Without The App?

If you have a newer Smart Ear thermometer with only a round button on top and no side button, you will need to connect it with your Kinsa app or follow the steps below before it can take a reading:

  1. Click the button to turn on your Kinsa thermometer
  2. Wait for APP to appear on the display
  3. Quickly double-click the same button. Think the same speed as double-clicking a mouse.

When the display changes to three flashing lines, it's ready to take a temperature. The button will need to be double-clicked quickly for this to work.

The APP message will still appear from time to time, but it won't get in the way of taking readings. To remove the APP message permanently, you will need to connect your Kinsa thermometer with the Kinsa app.

Kinsa smart thermometers are designed and built from the ground up to be used with the free Kinsa app. The Kinsa app powers up an otherwise regular digital thermometer with smart features including temperature tracking, fever and treatment guidance, medication reminders - all designed to help you and your family get better, faster.

To get the free Kinsa app, go to 

You already paid good money for your Kinsa smart thermometer so the app is completely free. There are no ads, in-app purchases, or paid features.

Even if you weren't planning on using the Kinsa app, we suggest trying it out for yourself. You might be surprised by how handy it is!