How do I set up my Kinsa for the first time?

Setting up your Kinsa thermometer with the Kinsa app is quick, simple and can usually be completed by following the on-screen instructions. But for more detail, please follow these steps:

  1. Open this website on your mobile device:
  2. Tap GET or INSTALL, once the app is downloaded, tap OPEN
  3. If you're asked for access to Bluetooth, tap OK
  5. Tap the checked circle in the bottom left corner, then tap SIGN UP
  6. Enter your email address and create a password, then tap SIGN UP
  7. Next, enter your name, birthday, and gender*  then tap SAVE 
  8. Tap Add family member and repeat Step 7 for each family member, then tap DONE
  9. Tap ⚙️ Settings gear in the top right corner > ⨁ Add New Thermometer
  10. Tap ENABLE LOCATION SERVICES. If you see another alert, tap Allow While Using App
  11. If you're asked and want new reading alerts, tap TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS > Allow
  12. Push the thermometer's button. When the in-app alert pops up, tap Allow
  13. After the connection is complete, tap OK THANKS 
  14. For the QuickCare wireless stick thermometer only, select the reading mode (Oral, Rectal or Underarm) then tap SAVE

You're done! Your Kinsa thermometer has now been set up with your Kinsa app. Take a new reading with your Kinsa thermometer and it will appear in the app.


* The app asks for a birthday to ensure the guidance on treating fevers and symptoms is accurate since this can vary widely by age, especially in infants. The app also asks for gender to ensure the guidance shared, is done using the correct pronouns.