How to use the Kinsa app with multiple people

Reading this in the Kinsa app? To follow this guide more easily, open this website on another browser or device:

Your Kinsa app and thermometer can easily accommodate the whole family. All you’ll need to do is create multiple profiles on one Kinsa account. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Kinsa App
  2. Tap the settings ⚙️gear (Upper right corner)
  3. Tap “Manage Family Members” 
  4. Tap “Add family member”
    • Fill out the required fields and tap “Save”.

At the top of the home screen, you will see whichever profile you currently have selected. Try toggling between available profiles by tapping on each picture. 

 Profile_1.png     Profile_2.png


If your thermometer is too far away to transmit a reading back to your Kinsa app, don’t worry! You can still use it normally, and when the thermometer detects your phone is nearby again it’ll send over any stored temperature readings. At that time you can then select which profile the reading belongs to.

Note: All individuals using one thermometer should log into the same account. One Kinsa thermometer can only be paired with one mobile device at any given time, however, you can log into the account across several devices to keep track of your symptoms and past readings.