The Kinsa Smart Stick App is no longer available for download

The decision to remove the Smart Stick App from the Apple app and Google Play store wasn't an easy one as we know the wired Smart Stick and the Smart Stick app are still popular among many of our customers. As the Smart Stick has been discontinued for years, Kinsa no longer provides updates to the Smart Stick app. As a result, Kinsa has decided to remove the app from app stores as of November 7, 2022

Why is the Smart Stick discontinued?

The wired Kinsa Smart Stick thermometer was launched back in 2013 and was Kinsa's very first product. Since then, smartphones have evolved so much and many no longer have headphone jacks- which the wired Smart Stick requires.  As headphone jacks became rarer, more phones became incompatible with the Smart Stick and the Smart Stick app. 

To fix this issue, in 2017 Kinsa launched the QuickCare Smart Thermometer, a wireless thermometer that's compatible with any smartphone.  Kinsa discontinued the Smart Stick thermometer and its app, although, we continued to support both the thermometer and app until recently.  

 The good news- the Smart Stick thermometer and app can still be used if you have a device with older operating software. 

The not-so-good news- your data can't be transferred to the new Kinsa app and here's why.  The Smart Stick app saved readings and symptoms directly to your phone.  This means Kinsa does not have access to your data and cannot transfer it.  The new Kinsa app stores data on the cloud, which can be accessed through your Kinsa account.  Once you've created credentials to log into your account, you can access your readings on any device. 

What does this mean?

Although the app will no longer be available for download, if you already have the Smart Stick app downloaded on your phone, and your phone supports an older operating system, the app will continue to work as it has in the past.  It should be noted again however, the Smart Stick app will no longer receive updates, technical support, or be available for download as of November 7, 2022.

If your operating system is iOS 16 for Apple or Android 14, or newer, you will no longer be able to use the app, even if the app was downloaded to your phone prior to November 7th.  This isn't all bad news however, if you are interested in upgrading to the Kinsa QuickCare, our wireless stick thermometer which takes oral, underarm, and rectal readings, similar to your Smart Stick, reach out to our Customer Happiness team to receive a one time discount of 50% off (plus free shipping!) on a new Kinsa QuickCare.  To learn more about the QuickCare click here.

If you're interested in receiving a discount please contact the Customer Happiness team, via email or click on the pink? contact us link, at the bottom of your screen.  Be sure to share a few details to expedite your request.  We'll need:

- A photo of your old Kinsa thermometer. (It should be end-to-end and show the silver label on the back)

- Your full name, as it should appear on your order

- Your preferred email address

- Your mailing address

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Happiness team at or simply click the pink? to send us a message.