Prefer support in Español? No problem

We are proud to offer several resources in Spanish!

Customer Support

The Customer Happiness team is bilingual!  We have 2 native Spanish speakers on the team who are ready to assist in both Spanish and English.  

To receive support in Spanish simply email our team at, Emails sent to, will receive email support in Spanish! 

Help Center

Our Help Center is also available in Spanish.  If your computer or phone's language setting is set to Spanish the Help Center should display all articles in Spanish.  If you have another language set for your phone or computer but wish to view the Help Center in Spanish, simply click English, you can at the top of the screen and select Espanol to experience the Help Center in Spanish.  



The Kinsa app

The Kinsa app is available also available in Spanish.  We are working to make the app experience better as we understand some features in the Spanish app continue to appear in English.  We apologize for the inconvenience this might cause and hope to provide a more consistent experience in the future.