How to share your timeline

Reading this in the Kinsa app? To follow this guide more easily, open this website on another browser or device:

Your profile timeline was designed to be clear, simple, and easy to interpret at a glance.  So feel free to share it with your doctors!  

You can share data in 3 ways! You can take screenshots of the app on your iPhone or Android phone or you can show the Kinsa app directly to your doctor or nurse during a visit.  Additionally, you can share up to 14 days of your timeline data to a .csv file.

To share your data:

  1. Open your Kinsa app

  2. Select the profile picture for the profile that you wish to view

  3. Tap View or Edit Timeline

  4. Now tap the share button in the top right area of your screen


  5. In the Share History screen select Past 24 hours, Past 7 days, or Past 14 days


  6. Next select where the data should go.  For example text message, Google Drive, email


That's it!  You've now shared your data right from your Kinsa app!

On iPhone, you can sync temperature readings with Apple Health, but only for one Kinsa profile. To sync with Apple Health, follow these steps:

  1. From the Kinsa app’s home screen, tap the ⚙︎Settings button in the top right corner
  2. Tap Sync with Health App
  3. Tap Allow All in the top right
  4. In the Select Family Member menu, tap the profile you want to sync with Apple Health