How to use a Kinsa thermometer with multiple devices

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Kinsa thermometers can only be connected with one mobile device at a time, but multiple devices can be kept in sync by being logged into the same Kinsa account.

If attempts are made to connect the Kinsa thermometer with more than one device, the thermometer can get into a state where it will not send readings to any device. Follow the steps below to fix this problem and keep all your devices in sync.

  1. If your thermometer has already connected with more than one device, first remove the thermometer from each device by following these steps: Open the Kinsa app > ⚙️ Settings > QuickCare or Smart Ear > Forget Thermometer
  2. Choose a primary device to use with your Kinsa thermometer, usually the device you use the most, such as your own smartphone.
  3. On this primary device, make sure you have the Kinsa app installed and that it is logged into your Kinsa account.
  4. Connect your thermometer to your primary device by opening the Kinsa app > ⚙️ Settings > ⨁ Add New Thermometer > Follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. With your primary device set up, download the Kinsa app onto your other devices and log them into the same Kinsa account you signed into in Step 3.

From now on, any readings taken with your Kinsa thermometer will be sent to the Kinsa app on your primary device, and then synced via your Kinsa account to all your other devices.