Smart Ear: What to do if your thermometer turns off when taking a temperature

Is your Smart Ear thermometer turning off while you take a temperature reading?

This is an easy fix!  The Smart Ear turns off when the big button is held or pressed down for too long.  In fact, holding the button is how the thermometer turns off!  Simply press the button and release the button (quickly) to take a reading.

Follow the steps below to take great readings in no time:

  1. Press the large round button on your Smart Ear to turn it on. Please make sure to press and release, don’t press and hold
  2. Insert the thermometer snugly into your ear canal. Follow the technique in this video to get great readings.
  3. Press and release the button one more time, and the thermometer will beep when the reading is complete. Then remove the thermometer to see the reading.