QuickScan: What to do if your screen is blank

If you turn on your QuickScan only to find a blank screen, don't worry we can help!  Follow the steps below and your QuickScan will be up and running in no time!

First, reset your QuickScan:

  1. Turn the QuickScan over and locate the battery compartment.

  2. For this next step, it may help to hold the QuickScan upside down.  Now open the battery door by pressing on the Kinsa logo and push the door away from the scanner (the gray circular end of the thermometer).  
               If holding the QuickScan upside down, you’ll push away from your body.   
    If holding the QuickScan right side up you’ll push down and towards your body.


  3. Remove the batteries and clear the compartment of anything that could prevent the battery from making a good connection, like dirt or debris. Clean out any dirt with a dry cotton swab.

  4. Place the batteries back inside of your thermometer, making sure the batteries are inserted correctly.  Matching the direction indicated in the battery compartment guide.

  5. Next, close the battery compartment door.

  6. Push the button to turn on your thermometer.

If this process didn’t get rid of the blank screen, there's a small chance it may be the batteries- they could be duds (it's rare, but it happens) and needs to be replaced.

Your QuickScan takes 2 AAA batteries available at all pharmacies and most stores, and these online stores. We recommend Energizer or Panasonic brands.

1.  Insert the new batteries in the same direction as indicated in the battery compartment guide.Screen_Shot_2021-09-27_at_4.10.57_PM.png

2.  Close the battery compartment door and you’re all done!

But if you still have a blank screen after replacing both batteries, please tell us right away.

Take photos of the front and back of your thermometer, showing its full length from end to end.  Be sure to get a good photo of the writing located on the back of your thermometer! Also If you are using the Kinsa app while taking a temperature be sure to send us a screenshot of any error message you might have seen in the app.  This will help us to better understand the issue you encountered!

Then use the pink button in the bottom right of this article to reach our Customer Happiness team directly, be sure to include your photos with your message.