QuickCare: How to replace the battery

The Kinsa QuickCare wireless thermometer uses one CR 2032 battery. They're small, reliable, and easy to find at pharmacies, grocery stores, and the online stores below:

Amazon - QuickCare Batteries

Target - QuickCare Batteries

Walmart - QuickCare Batteries 

To replace your QuickCare’s battery:

  1. First grab a coin.  Note: do not use a tool, your finger, or other objects- this will damage the door of the battery compartment, preventing it from opening in the future.
  2. Turn your QuickCare over and place the edge of the coin into the designated groove.
  3. Then turn the coin counterclockwise, this will cause the battery door to pop open/ pop-off.


  4. Next, tip your QuickCare to the side and the old battery should fall out.
  5. Insert the new battery, ensuring the larger, more reflective side with text is face-up in the compartment.
  6. Now, replace the battery door again using the edge of a coin, turning clockwise, close the compartment.