QuickCare: How to take great underarm readings

Full disclosure: underarm temperatures are the least accurate of all temp-taking methods, so we recommend steering away from this method, when possible. That said, they can be useful for pre-screening fevers in babies and toddlers (0-4 YO) if taking a rectal temperature is just feeling.. daunting.

Here's how to take accurate underarm temperatures:

Before you start: Wait at least 15 minutes for your little one's core temp to decrease after a warm bath or exercise.

Step 1: Remove your child’s shirt, if they’re wearing sleeves.

Step 2: Wipe their armpit with a towel to make sure it’s dry.

Step 3: Click the button on your QuickCare to turn it on.

Step 4: When you see three flashing lines on your thermometer’s display, place your thermometer’s probe tip in the armpit (you and your child should be facing one another)

Step 5: Keep your child’s upper arm pressed snugly against their side until your thermometer beeps.

Voila, there’s your reading!

If your child’s underarm temperature comes back higher than 99°F (37.8°C), we recommend taking a rectal temperature to confirm they have a fever with medical-grade accuracy.