QuickScan: How to Replace the batteries

The QuickScan is powered by 2 AAA batteries.  When used as intended, the batteries should last about 2 years!  When the battery life is low, your QuickScan thermometer and your Kinsa App will alert you.  The message “APP” will appear on the QuickScan display and you’ll see a message in your Kinsa app.  This is a great time to replace the batteries.  If battery life reaches a critical low, the QuickScan display will read “APP OFF” and then power off. 

Replacing the batteries is very simple - similar to how you would replace the batteries in a typical TV remote control. 


To replace the batteries:

  1. Turn the QuickScan over and locate the battery compartment.

  2. For this step, it may help to hold the QuickScan upside down.  Now open the door by pressing on the Kinsa logo and push the door away from the scanner (the gray circular end of the thermometer).  
               If holding the QuickScan upside down, you’ll push away from your body.       
    If holding the QuickScan right side up you’ll push down and towards your body.

  3. Next, remove the old batteries. Be sure to dispose of batteries responsibly, according to local or national regulations

  4. Insert 2 new AAA batteries. Insert the new batteries in the same direction as indicated in the battery compartment guide.


  5. Close the battery compartment door and you’re all done!