QuickScan: How to use the QuickScan without the Kinsa app

Want to use your Kinsa QuickScan thermometer without the Kinsa app?  Setup is super easy, so let’s get started.

  1. Insert 2 AAA batteries (included) in the battery compartment, found on the back of the QuickScan. 

  2. Remove the 98.6° sticker from the face of the thermometer.
  3. Turn on your thermometer by pressing the button.
  4. When the message “APP” appears, quickly double-click the power button, similar to the speed of a double-click of a mouse.
  5. Wait for 4 dashes to appear on the screen, then you are ready to take a temperature reading.
  6. Hold the QuickScan about an inch from the center of the forehead.  

An inch is about the size of a paperclip or the length of your thumb from the knuckle to the fingertip.


  1. Press the button to take a reading.  Avoid holding the button, as this will power your thermometer off.
  2. Wait for the beep - this should only take a second. Then your reading is complete.

Voila! You’ve completed a temperature reading!  Press and hold your QuickScan’s button to turn it off. The QuickScan will also power off after 45 seconds of inactivity.