QuickCare: What to do when your thermometer won't power on

If your QuickCare thermometer doesn't turn on, don't worry, there are two easy fixes for power issues! 

Failed firmware updates

This is especially likely if your new thermometer, connected with the Kinsa app, worked for the first time but then wouldn't turn on again.

A failed firmware update can be fixed by following these steps:

  1. Open your Kinsa app
  2. Tap the ⚙️ Settings gear in the top right corner
  3. Then, tap Thermometer Recovery
  4. Now, follow the on-screen instructions

A dead battery

If this is the case, all the thermometer needs is a new battery.  The QuickCare takes one CR 2032 coin cell battery.  They're available at practically all pharmacies, most grocery stores, and online of course! You can use this guide to buy the right batteries from reputable stores.

But if your thermometer still refuses to power on, please tell our Customer Happiness team that you’ve already replaced the battery and followed this Thermometer Recovery guide and we'll take care of it!