QuickCare: Fix a broken connection between your QuickCare and Android phone

Reading this in the Kinsa app? To follow this guide more easily, open this website on another browser or device: kinsa.help/AndroidToQuickCare (not case-sensitive) 

If your Kinsa app doesn’t work with your QuickCare thermometer, don’t worry! This troubleshooting guide will walk you through fixing the connection between your app and phone.

Make sure to follow each of the steps listed below in order. Please do not skip any steps, even if you’ve tried them before:

  1. If the older Kinsa Smart Stick app is installed on any of your devices, then: 
    • The QuickCare thermometer must be disconnected from within that app, you don’t have to delete the app itself.  Remember your QuickCare thermometer can only be connected to one device at a time.  
  2. Next, check to make sure your thermometer isn’t still connected to another phone. Because your QuickCare can only be connected to 1 device at a time, you’ll need to remove it before it can connect to your new phone.
    • To remove your QuickCare:
      Open your Kinsa app in your old phone and tap  ⚙️ Settings 
    • Next, select QuickCare under thermometers
    • Then, tap Forget Thermometer
      Note: If you no longer have your old phone you don’t need to complete this step.  You’ll only need to forget your thermometer from your old phone if they will be in the same room in the future! 
  3. Have you updated your phone's operating system? Some Android users were recently updated to Android 12. If your phone was updated to Android 12 keep reading, if you have another version, skip down to the next bullet.
    • Android 12 requires you to allow the Kinsa app permission to use ‘Nearby devices’. This allows the app to communicate with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices, like our thermometers. You don't however have to grant the app Location permission.
    • Android 11, and earlier versions require you to grant the app Location permissions as until recently, Android didn't have the ability to turn on/off Nearby Devices and Location services separately. If you want to learn more, check out our article in our help center
  4. Now, update to the latest version of Android. More details
  5. Then update the Kinsa app. Type getKinsa.app in the Chrome web browser or go to the Google Play Store and find the Kinsa app.
    • If you see an UPDATE button tap on it to install the updates.
    • If it says OPEN, that means you’re up to date!
  6. Next, restart your Phone. 
    • This is usually done by holding down the power button for 5-7 seconds. If you’re unsure how to do it, check with your phone’s manufacturer.
  7. Then, remove and re-seat the thermometer's battery.
    • Using the edge of a coin, not use a tool to gently twist open the back cover of the thermometer, turning counterclockwise.
    • Remove the battery, and then put it back in and secure the battery cover in place.
    • reseat.webp
  8. You're almost finished!  Now, Turn on your Bluetooth. More details
    •  (Note: Your Thermometer will not appear in the list of available Bluetooth devices. That’s okay.)
  9. Open the Kinsa app.
  10. Tap the Settings gear ⚙️in the top right corner.
  11. Tap QuickCare  (If you don’t see "QuickCare" anywhere, skip to Step 13.)
  12. Tap Forget Thermometer > OK
  13. Tap ⨁ Add New Thermometer
  14. If you see requests for your location and notifications, turn on both for the best results.
  15. A pop-up will appear in the app. When it does, tap Connect.

You’re all done! For best results, make sure to open the app before you take any readings, this way readings will automatically appear in the app! If your app isn't open, don't worry, your QuickCare will send readings to your phone whenever it’s close by. 

If your phone still isn’t receiving readings from your QuickCare thermometer, we're here to help. Please tell our Customer Happiness team that you’ve already followed this Android-to-QuickCare troubleshooting guide and let us know if you run into trouble with the steps provided above!