QuickCare: How to fix your thermometer if it won't take a reading

If your Kinsa QuickCare thermometer won't take a reading: 

First, let's make sure you have power. 

  • To ensure the power button is being pressed enough, sometimes it can be tricky to push. Try pressing it with your nail, or try to use a firm surface like a counter or tabletop to depress the button all the way. 
  • If that doesn't work, try reseating the current battery in your thermometer. Use a coin (no other tools, they may damage the thermometer) to twist the back off counterclockwise. Tap the thermometer gently to remove the battery, then reverse the steps to replace it. reseat.webp
  • Lastly, if reseating the battery doesn't fix the issue, it may just need a new battery altogether.  The Kinsa QuickCare uses one CR 2032 battery, available at all pharmacies, most grocery stores, and of course Amazon. A pack of five batteries usually sells for around $5. For more information and for direct links to these batteries at different online stores, go to https://kinsa.help/QuickCareBattery  

If your QuickCare has power but you can't get past the APP message on the display- we recommend downloading the Kinsa app from https://getKinsa.app and following the steps in How to set up the Kinsa app.

But, if you don’t want to use the Kinsa app, refer to this guide to skip the “APP” message: How can I use the thermometer without the app?


If your thermometer won't take a reading after you tried all of the steps above, don't worry.  Please tell our Customer Happiness team that you’ve already followed this troubleshooting guide (you can even share the link in your message!). If possible, we’d love for you to include a quick video showing your thermometer attempting to take a reading, nothing beats being able to see exactly what you are seeing!